5 Ways to Make Your Trail Camera's Last For Years: Proper Trail Camera Maintenance

In this video, we cover the importance of trail camera maintenance and how to make your trail camera’s last for years to come.

1- Update Your Camera With the Latest Firmware
Keeping your camera updated with the latest manufacturing firmware version. This best practice can fix issues before they ever arise. The new versions can typically be found on the manufactures website. For Exodus, it’s under the support tab!

2- Clean the Housing
Use a warm water/soap solution to give your camera a full bath.

3- Clean Battery Trays
You can use contact cleaner, vinegar, baking soda solitons, among some other options. Our recommendation for best battery practices, we suggest using Lithium batteries. Alkaline batteries often leak and cause various forms of damage.

4- Protect Seals
Using lubricant on the seals around the camera can drastically increase the longevity of your trail cameras. Moisture is the #1 killer of trail cameras, so keeping seals in proper working function is crucial.

5- Proper Storage
Never leave your camera’s around other electronic devices that are on and magnetics. Try to find a place a that is a dry, warm area. Be sure to take the batteries out of the camera when storing your trail cameras.


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