Augmented Reality game prototypes for Upper-Limb Stroke Rehabilitation (University of Ulster)

Videos of a couple of early prototypes of augmented reality games developed for rehabilitation of the upper-limb following stroke. These games are designed for rehabilitating finer movements such as reach, grasp, manipulation and release of objects. The advantage of using this technology is that real objects of different shape, size and weight can be used, with the potential of rehabilitating meaningful and transferable skills. The games work with a standard PC and webcam and so are very low-cost and potentially suitable for home use.

The games are in their very early stages and you can see some minor glitches occurring with the technology – we hope to add smoothing algorithms in the future in order to minimise these faults. They are developed using the Microsoft XNA framework and ARToolKitPlus. For more information on our research and publications, please see


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