How to Build a $4 Trail Cam Stand or Game Cam Tripod

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Trail cam stand or game cam tripod for $4? Yes, these trail camera stands are easy to build and I will show you exactly how to build them. Game camera mounts come in many shapes and sizes but the popularity of mobile game camera stands are increasing as hunters want versatility in where they place their trail cameras for the best pictures. The Handy Hunter will lay out exactly what you need to build this trail camera tripod and show you exactly how to build it with ease. This game camera tripod will change how you capture wildlife pictures because you will no longer be at the mercy of tree location for mounting. The versatility of this game camera stand makes it easy to strategically place your trail camera in the perfect spot on a trail, creek, or in an open field.

What you will need:
1. #1 – 10ft stick of 1/2in EMT piping (found in electrical dept at
Home Depot, Lowes, or electrical supply company). Cost is
~$2.50 per 10ft stick.

2. #1 – 1/4in. threaded bolt that measures 1-1/2in. long.
3. #1 – 1/4in nut (regular) and #1 – 1/4in. wingnut

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