How to conduct a Trail Camera Survey for wildlife

MARCH 9, 2015 │ Cabela’s Outfitter Series Trail Cameras ( can be used to scout big game, like whitetail deer, elk, and bear, for hunting or to discover what wildlife inhabit a property. Cabela’s Southwest Regional Wildlife Biologist, Justin Bryan shows us how to use trail cameras to survey wildlife populations and generate estimates of age and antler size on whitetail deer on this episode of Cabela’s Wildlife and Land Management TV ( By using multiple Cabela’s Outfitter Series trail cameras to conduct a trail camera survey Justin is able to take a visual inventory of the game animals like Whitetail Deer, turkey and exotics that are using this new property and design best management harvest strategies based on the results.

Justin is working on the Whitetail Diaries Ranch where the south Texas brush country meets the rolling Texas hill country an area known to support a wide diversity of Texas wildlife including whitetail deer, axis deer, fallow deer, black buck antelope, aoudad sheep, turkey, feral hogs, and sheep just to name a few. For any hunting land manager it is important when starting out on a new property to obtain an accurate population model for the wildlife that inhabits that property and with the right guidance and understanding of how to analyze the data make appropriate wildlife management decisions to optimize returns.

Justin placed the Cabela’s Outfitter Series 8MP IR HD trail cameras ( at 12 different supplemental feeding locations on the eastern half of the ranch. Due to the higher quality and diversity of vegetation on this side of the ranch he knows it holds the highest concentrations of wildlife. As Justin expected he learns from the thousands of Cabela’s trail camera photos taken that the Whitetail Diaries Ranch holds a large numbers of Texas exotics and native wildlife. Now with this information in had Justin and Wade Middleton, owners of the Whitetail Diaries Ranch can begin to establish management and harvest goals for these wildlife species in the upcoming seasons.


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