How to Hang a Trail Camera on Public Land for Whitetail Deer Hunting.

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Trail Camera, Great Tips on how to get more Deer Pictures and Less Washed out Crappy Photo’s on Your Trail Camera’s..
Were Hanging this Trail Camera out on the Wisconsin Public Land (Frozen Tundra). Trail Camera’s can give us Hunters some Great Information as to when the Deer are up and Moving, How Many Deer are in the Immediate Area and if there is any Big Bucks..
And if there is GAME ON… As for the Big Public Land Buck They aren’t easy to figure out but with the help of a trail cam it can sometime help. ( See if he’s moving during day light)
If he is your probably Close to his Bedding Area.

I Get Pretty Excited when going out to Recover a SD Card from a Trail Cam because you Never Know what is going to be on it.

Like I said make sure your Camera if Functioning Correctly before leaving Your House or the woods. Nothing sucks more than a camera that didn’t take any Pictures…


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