Indy Mogul Games! A 48-Hour Film, & Canon EOS-M vs. T4i : Indy News

Griffin announces the Indy Mogul Games, an Olympics-style competition for Indy Mogulers, compares Canon’s new EOS-M camera to the T4i and 60D, reports on Magic Lantern’s latest firmware (version 2.3), and behind-the-scenes videos from Rhett & Link and Erik & Justin. Griffin spends the weekend directing a 48-hour film!


Trailer for “The Understudy”:

Rhett & Link’s behind-the-scenes:

Erik & Justin’s behind-the-scenes:


Build a motion graphics intro for the Indy Mogul Games, by Wednesday (Aug. 1) at noon EDT (New York time). E-mail a link to a YouTube video or video file to, with “Indy Mogul Games” in the subject line. The top three submissions will be showcased on the Indy Mogul channel.

If you have some motion graphics skills, I’d love to see what you can do for the Indy Mogul Games! Your challenge is to create a short video intro (3–7 seconds) for the Indy Mogul Games—something I can use at the beginning of a video or segment about the Indy Mogul Games. The Indy Mogul Games is like the Olympics for Indy Mogulers, but doesn’t yet have any graphics/logos or video content associated with it. It’s up to you to design something original and interesting, but you can’t use any trademarks (like the official Olympics logo—five colorful rings).

If you need the Indy Mogul logo, or the font I like to use in Indy News episodes, click here to download those files:


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