Mario Party 8 – Koopa's Tycoon Town (3 Players, Very Hard Difficulty)

This is Koopa’s Tycoon Town from Mario Party 8 for the Nintendo Wii.

Mario Party 8 is the first Mario Party for the Wii. The goal of Mario Party 8 is to collect as many coins and stars by winning Mini-Games and using candy. Mario Party 8 is mostly known for MC Ballyhoo who host the game and its motion controls, even the taunts are controlled by moving you Wii Remote so sometimes we accidently activate it or activate the wrong one.

Koopa’s Tycoon Town is a board where you try to invest the most coins in hotels to gain stars.

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Maurits plays as Wario.
Rik plays as Yoshi.
Myrte plays as Blooper
Luigi is controlled by a Very Hard CPU.

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