OMSI 2 – Tatra T6A5 Solo mod

Let’s drive the Tatra T6A5 solo mod in Eberlinsee. The modification comes in multiple versions – with one and two rows seats on the right side, in Prague, Sofia and Kyiv repaints with two matrix colours and one version with covered wheels.

First release containing only solo tram!


How to drive the tram:
Pantograph is moved up with [E] and down with [M]
Electricity is switched on with mouse click on the most left switch, then you can change the gear with [D], [N], [R]
To open all doors press [Nupmad -], to close all doors [Numpad *]
You can open first door only with mouse click, to turn on passenger request doors [Numpad /]

To make custom HOF files see “matrix_BG.txt” and “Sample_hof.hof”. Each terminus is composed of 8 lines which stand for:
1. Terminus code
2. Terminus destination and friendlyname
3. Matrix first cycle
4. Matrix second cycle
5. Matrix third cycle
6. Inner display
7. – currently no use –
8. – currently no use –


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