Scratch Tutorial | Indy Cat Maze Game | Part 2 | Scratch Maze Game

This tutorial is a continuation of “Indy Cat Maze Game” Part 1. In this Part 2 of the tutorial we will be working on the traps and finishing this game. Just a reminder the objective of the game is to get the gem, then get to the exit and avoid all the traps in the maze. If you get hit by any of the traps you will start over from the beginning position.

You can find this game idea in a book called “Super Scratch Programming Adventure!”

For more information about this book, please check out this link below

We also uploaded sprites for the game into our google drive, you can click on the link and download the sprites for this game. You can make additional traps if you like. For instance, we add the spears traps, and the top spikes trap near the key.

Please click on link below if you like to download the sprites for the game.


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