Top 10 Martial Arts Webtoon/Manhwa/Manhua

Here’s a list with my top 10 Martial Arts Webtoon/Manhwa/Manhua ,
This list contains webtoon where the protagonists become stronger with cutivation, thats why i feel the need to separate them by naming them martial arts and make a different kind of list for the fantasy type manga, Enjoy!!

10. The Scholar’s Reincarnation
9. Martial Peak
8. I Am a Great God
7. Martial Legacy
6. Chronicles of Heavenly Demon
5. Tales of Demons and Gods
4. Red Storm
3. Gosu
2. Peerless Dad
1. Volcanic Age

🎵 Music Info:
piano cover by MyReminiscence
Title : Classical Servant of Evil [悪ノ召使] – Kagamine Rin & Len (Piano

Original Composer : Akuno-P/mothy
Classical Arrangement : Tetoteto
Vocaloid : Kagamine Rin & Len

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