Using "Game Thinking" for Rapid Product Innovation by Amy Jo Kim #AgileIndia2019

Join us as design expert Amy Jo Kim shares advice from her new book Game Thinking.

How are market-leading products born? What conditions set the stage for successful innovation?

By definition, successful innovations reach a mainstream audience. But they never start off that way. That’s the paradox of innovation: the “typical” people in your market are not the same ones you need to “woo” when bringing your idea to life.

That’s where Game Thinking comes in. Game Thinking is a proven system for accelerating innovation and creating products that people love…and keep loving. Game Thinking empowers product managers, designers, and entrepreneurs to engage customers deeply over time – using design techniques from hit games. Learn how to create products that empower your customers to get better at something they care about — like playing an instrument or leading a team. Building on the principles of Lean, Agile, and Design Thinking, Game Thinking delivers powerful strategies that help you:

* Keep customers engaged with a coherent, compelling journey to mastery
* Build a product customers love using insights from high-need Superfans
* Rapidly improve your product concept by testing and tuning the core experience
* Build the right MVP for your product using the Game Thinking roadmap

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