Warfare 1944 Unblocked – Full Game Walkthrough

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Warfare 1944 Unblocked is the sequel of Warfare 1917 and represents a flash game which will bring you back in 1944 and make you get some real time experience from World War 2(WWII). Warfare 1944 is considered as strategic tower defense game because its similar to turn based games where you wait for the cool-down of your troops and send them at your preferred positions. You need to use your troops wisely and to counter enemy attacks and in the same time watch your moral because your troops can lose the idea of wining and taking over enemy territory. Warfare 1944 is one of the best strategic war games because it has extraordinary game-play and nice graphic from the point of view that this game is just an flash game. Test the game today, we are sure that you will enjoy it. It can be played at one of the websites bellow:
Play at UGR –
Play at Sourceforge –
Play at Google Sites –

Nguồn: https://synexelixi.org/

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